A Genuine Stannylone with a Monoatomic Two-Coordinate Tin(0) Atom Supported by a Bis(silylene) Ligand

The monoatomic zero-valent tin complex (stannylone) {[Si II (Xant)Si II ]Sn 0 } 5 stabilized by a bis(silylene)xanthene ligand, [Si II (Xant)Si II = PhC(N t Bu) 2 Si(Xant)Si(N t Bu) 2 CPh], and its bis-tetracarbonyliron complex {[Si II (Xant)Si II ]Sn 0 [Fe(CO) 4 ] 2 } 4 are reported. The stannylone 5 bearing a two-coordinate zero-valent tin atom is synthesized by reduction of the precursor 4 with potassium graphite.