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Basic pagePublications Jun Zhu05 days 8 hours ago
PaperA Conjugated Figure-of-eight Oligoparaphenylene Nanohoop with Adaptive Cavities Derived from Cyclooctatetrathiophene Core Jun Zhu05 days 8 hours ago
PaperAdaptive Aromaticity in 16-valence-electron Metallazapentalenes Jun Zhu01 week 4 hours ago
PaperA Genuine Stannylone with a Monoatomic Two-Coordinate Tin(0) Atom Supported by a Bis(silylene) Ligand Jun Zhu01 week 3 days ago
PaperCarbon-halogen bond activation by a structurally constrained phosphorus(III) platform Jun Zhu01 month 1 day ago
PaperAntiaromaticity-Promoted Radical Stability in α-Methyl Heterocyclics Jun Zhu01 month 2 weeks ago
PaperAchieving a Favorable Activation of the C–F Bond over the C–H Bond in Five- and Six-Membered Ring Complexes by a Coordination and Aromaticity Dually Driven Strategy Jun Zhu01 month 3 weeks ago
PaperReleasing Antiaromaticity in Metal-Bridgehead Naphthalene Jun Zhu02 months 2 days ago
Paper[(CrGe9)Cr2(CO)13]4−: A disubstituted case of ten-vertex closo cluster with spherical aromaticity Jun Zhu02 months 4 weeks ago
PaperOsmapentalyne and Osmapentalene Complexes Containing Boron Monofluoride Ligands: Structure, Bonding and Adaptive Aromaticity Jun Zhu04 months 6 days ago
PaperPredicting Dinitrogen Coupling with a Series of Small Molecules Catalyzed by a Pincer Complex Jun Zhu05 months 2 weeks ago
PaperTuning the hyperconjugative aromaticity in Au(III)-substituted indoliums Jun Zhu05 months 2 weeks ago
PaperProbing the Origin of Ambiphilic Reactivity in Osmapentalyne Complexes: Interplay of Ring Strain, Aromaticity, and Phosphonium Substituent Jun Zhu05 months 3 weeks ago
Paper Isolation of a carbon nanohoop with Möbius topology Jun Zhu05 months 3 weeks ago
PaperPredicting Dinitrogen Activation via Transition Metal Involved [4 + 2] Cycloaddition Reaction Jun Zhu05 months 3 weeks ago
PaperNucleophilic reactions of osmanaphthalynes with PMe3 and H2O Jun Zhu07 months 8 hours ago
PaperNew Types of Ge2 and Ge4 Assemblies Stabilized by a Carbanionic Dicarborandiyl-Silylene Ligand Jun Zhu07 months 1 week ago
PaperSystematic Design of a Frustrated Lewis Pair Containing Methyleneborane and Carbene for Dinitrogen Activation Jun Zhu08 months 3 days ago
PaperAdaptive Aromaticity in Metallasilapentalynes Jun Zhu08 months 2 weeks ago
Paper[Bi6Mo3(CO)9]4−: a multiple local σ-aromatic cluster containing a distorted Bi6 triangular prism Jun Zhu08 months 2 weeks ago
PaperDual Aromaticity in Both the T0 and S1 States: Osmapyridinium with Phosphonium Substituents Jun Zhu08 months 3 weeks ago
PaperSinglet Fission in a Pyrrole-Fused Cross-Conjugated Skeleton with Adaptive Aromaticity Jun Zhu09 months 1 week ago
PaperProbing the origin of the stereoselectivity and enantioselectivity of cobalt-catalyzed [2 + 2] cyclization of ethylene and enynes Jun Zhu09 months 1 week ago
PaperProbing hyperconjugative aromaticity in 2H-pyrrolium and cyclopentadiene containing Group 9 transition metal substituent: Bridged carbonyl ligands can enhance aromaticity Jun Zhu010 months 3 weeks ago
PaperRational design of the nickel‐borane complex for efficient hydrogenation of styrene Jun Zhu010 months 3 weeks ago