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Basic pagePublications Jun Zhu01 week 3 days ago
PaperAdaptive aromaticity in ruthenacycles Jun Zhu01 week 6 days ago
Basic pageGroup members Jun Zhu02 weeks 2 days ago
PaperPredicting an Antiaromatic Benzene Ring in the Ground State Caused by Hyperconjugation Jun Zhu02 weeks 6 days ago
PaperAre Hetero‐metallapentalenes Aromatic or Not? A DFT Investigation Jun Zhu04 weeks 19 hours ago
PaperAccess to tetracyclic aromatics with bridgehead metals via metalla-click reactions Jun Zhu04 weeks 20 hours ago
PaperDinitrogen Activation by Tricoordinated Boron Species: A Systematic Design Jun Zhu04 weeks 1 day ago
PaperProbing the Aromaticity and Stability of Metallatricycles by DFT Calculations: Toward Clar Structure in Organometallic Chemistry Jun Zhu04 weeks 1 day ago
PaperTheoretical study on the stability and aromaticity in silapentafulvenes towards triplet ground state species Jun Zhu04 weeks 1 day ago
PaperFormation of Iridium(III) Complexes via Selective Activation of the C–H and N–H Bonds of a Dipyridylpyrrole Ligand Jun Zhu01 month 35 min ago
PaperIsotopic Oxygen Exchange between CeO2 and O2: A Heteroexchange Mechanism Jun Zhu03 months 1 week ago
PaperAromaticity‐promoted CO2 Capture by P/N‐Based Frustrated Lewis Pairs: A Theoretical Study Jun Zhu03 months 1 week ago
PaperHyperconjugative aromaticity and protodeauration reactivity of polyaurated indoliums Jun Zhu03 months 1 week ago
PaperReaction mechanisms of iron(iii) catalyzed carbonyl–olefin metatheses in 2,5- and 3,5-hexadienals: significant substituent and aromaticity effects Jun Zhu05 months 1 day ago
PaperFacile η5–η1 Ring Slippage of the Cycloolefin Ligands in Osmocene and Bis(η5-indenyl)ruthenium(II) Jun Zhu05 months 3 weeks ago
PaperReaction Mechanisms on Unusual 1,2‐Migrations of N‐Heterocyclic Carbene‐Ligated Transition Metal Complexes Jun Zhu06 months 15 hours ago
PaperRhodapentalenes: Pincer Complexes with Internal Aromaticity Jun Zhu06 months 6 days ago
PaperAn Unprecedented Ga/P Frustrated Lewis Pair: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity Jun Zhu06 months 2 weeks ago
PaperCu-Catalyzed Aromatic Metamorphosis of 3-Aminoindazoles Jun Zhu06 months 2 weeks ago
PaperBowl Inversion in an Exo‐type Supramolecule in the Solid State Jun Zhu07 months 2 weeks ago
PaperProbing Reaction Mechanism of [1,5]‐Migration in Pyrrolium and Pyrrole Derivatives: Activation of a Stronger Bond in Electropositive Groups Becomes Easier Jun Zhu07 months 3 weeks ago
Paper3‐Aminoindole Synthesis from 2‐Nitrochalcones and Ammonia or Primary Amines Jun Zhu08 months 4 weeks ago
PaperUnconventional Aromaticity in Organometallics: The Power of Transition Metals Jun Zhu09 months 3 weeks ago
PaperAromaticity‐promoted C−F Bond Activation in Rhodium Complex: A Facile Tautomerization Jun Zhu09 months 4 weeks ago
PaperDual Aromaticity in Both the T0 and S1 States: Osmapyridinium with Phosphonium Substituents Jun Zhu01 year 1 week ago