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PaperDynamic Evolving Exothermicity Steers Ultrafast Formation of a Correlated Triplet Pair State Jun Zhu02 weeks 6 days ago
PaperThe application of aromaticity and antiaromaticity to reaction mechanisms Jun Zhu04 weeks 1 day ago
PaperAn unprecedented route to achieve persistent 1H-azirine Jun Zhu04 weeks 1 day ago
PaperMechanism of metalated pyrrole-singlet oxygen chemiluminescent reaction Jun Zhu01 month 1 week ago
PaperA class of non-aromatic 1,3-disilapyrroles acting as stable organosilicon-based triplet diradicals Jun Zhu02 months 2 days ago
PaperSynthesis and Reactivity of an Anti-van’t Hoff/Le Bel Compound with a Planar Tetracoordinate Silicon(II) Atom Jun Zhu02 months 1 week ago
PaperSynthesis and characterization of Craig-type antiaromatic species with [4n + 2] π electrons Jun Zhu03 months 3 weeks ago
PaperProbing the Mechanism of Adaptive Aromaticity in Metallapyridiniums Jun Zhu03 months 3 weeks ago
PaperHelical Trilayer Nanographenes with Tunable Interlayer Overlaps Jun Zhu04 months 1 day ago
PaperScreening Carbon-Boron Frustrated Lewis Pairs for Small-Molecule Activation including N2, O2, CO, CO2, CS2, H2O and CH4: A Computational Study Jun Zhu04 months 1 week ago
PaperAromaticity Concerto in Polycyclic Conjugated Hydrocarbons: Fusion Pattern on Combined Aromaticity Strategy Leads to Distinctive Excited State Photophysics of Dinaphthopentalenes Jun Zhu04 months 4 weeks ago
PaperUnderstanding reaction mechanisms of metal-free dinitrogen activation by methyleneboranes Jun Zhu05 months 1 week ago
PaperProbing a General Strategy to Break the C-C Bond of Benzene by a Cyclic (Alkyl)(Amino)Aluminyl Anion Jun Zhu05 months 1 week ago
PaperCatalytic Mechanisms of Transfer Hydrogenation of Azobenzene with Ammonia Borane by Pincer Bismuth Complex: Crucial Role of C=N Functional Group on the Pincer Ligand Jun Zhu05 months 3 weeks ago
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PaperPredicting Small Molecule Activation including Catalytic Hydrogenation of Dinitrogen Promoted by a Dual Lewis Acid Jun Zhu06 months 4 days ago
PaperDirect Conversion of N2 and O2 to Nitric Oxide at Room Temperature Initiated by Double Aromaticity in the Y2BO+ Cation Jun Zhu06 months 2 weeks ago
PaperChiral polycyclic benzosultams from photocatalytic diastereo- and enantioselective benzylic C–H functionalization Jun Zhu06 months 3 weeks ago
PaperAdaptive Aromaticity in Osmapentalene and Osmapyridinium Complexes with Carbone Ligands Jun Zhu07 months 3 weeks ago
PaperA Conjugated Diosma-Octacyclic Complex and Its Mixed-Valence Singly Reduced State Jun Zhu08 months 1 hour ago
PaperProbing the Hyperconjugative Aromaticity of Cyclopentadiene and Pyrroliums Containing Group 7 Transition Metal Substituents Jun Zhu08 months 1 week ago
PaperAn Isolable 2,5-Disila-3,4-Diphosphapyrrole and a Conjugated Si=P−Si=P−Si=N Chain Through Degradation of White Phosphorus with a N,N-Bis(Silylenyl)Aniline Jun Zhu09 months 3 weeks ago
PaperMechanistic Insight into the Ni-Catalyzed Kumada Cross-Coupling: Alkylmagnesium Halide Promotes C–F Bond Activation and Electron-Deficient Metal Center Slows Down β-H Elimination Jun Zhu010 months 2 weeks ago