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Electrochemical cascade migratory versus ortho-cyclization of 2-alkynylbenzenesulfonamides

Efficient control over several possible reaction pathways of free radicals is the chemical basis of their highly selective transformations. Among various competing reaction pathways, sulfonimidyl radicals generated from the electrolysis of 2-alkynylbenzenesulfonamides undergo cascade migratory or ortho-cyclization cyclization selectively.

A Bis(silylene)pyridine Pincer Ligand Can Stabilize Mononuclear Manganese(0) Complexes: Facile Access to Isolable Analogues of the Elusive d7-Mn(CO)5 Radical

Using the potentially tridentate N,N’-bis(N-heterocyclic silylene)pyridine [SiNSi] pincer-type ligand, 2,6-N,N’-diethyl-bis[N,N’-di-tert-butyl(phenylamidinato)silylene] diaminopyridine, led to the first isolable bis(silylene)pyridine-stabilized manganese(0) complex, {к3-[SiNSi]Mn(dmpe)} 4 (dmpe = (Me2P)2C2H4), which represents an isolobal 17 VE analogue of the elusive Mn(CO)5 radical.