Electrochemical cascade migratory versus ortho-cyclization of 2-alkynylbenzenesulfonamides

Efficient control over several possible reaction pathways of free radicals is the chemical basis of their highly selective transformations. Among various competing reaction pathways, sulfonimidyl radicals generated from the electrolysis of 2-alkynylbenzenesulfonamides undergo cascade migratory or ortho-cyclization cyclization selectively.

Could π-aromaticity cross an unsaturated system to a fully saturated one?

The classification of π-/σ-aromaticity depends on the electrons with the dominating contributions. Traditionally, π- and σ-aromaticity are used to describe the unsaturated and saturated systems, respectively. Thus, it is rarely reported that π-aromaticity is dominated in a saturated system. Here we demonstrate that π-aromaticity could be dominating in several fully saturated four-membered rings (4MRs), supported by various aromaticity indices including ΔBL, NICS, EDDB, MCI, and AdNDP.