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PaperAdaptive aromaticity in ruthenacycles Jun Zhu02 years 8 months ago
PaperPredicting an Antiaromatic Benzene Ring in the Ground State Caused by Hyperconjugation Jun Zhu02 years 9 months ago
PaperAccess to tetracyclic aromatics with bridgehead metals via metalla-click reactions Jun Zhu02 years 9 months ago
PaperDinitrogen Activation by Tricoordinated Boron Species: A Systematic Design Jun Zhu02 years 9 months ago
PaperProbing the Aromaticity and Stability of Metallatricycles by DFT Calculations: Toward Clar Structure in Organometallic Chemistry Jun Zhu02 years 9 months ago
PaperTheoretical study on the stability and aromaticity in silapentafulvenes towards triplet ground state species Jun Zhu02 years 9 months ago
PaperFormation of Iridium(III) Complexes via Selective Activation of the C–H and N–H Bonds of a Dipyridylpyrrole Ligand Jun Zhu02 years 9 months ago
PaperIsotopic Oxygen Exchange between CeO2 and O2: A Heteroexchange Mechanism Jun Zhu02 years 11 months ago
PaperHyperconjugative aromaticity and protodeauration reactivity of polyaurated indoliums Jun Zhu02 years 11 months ago
PaperReaction mechanisms of iron(iii) catalyzed carbonyl–olefin metatheses in 2,5- and 3,5-hexadienals: significant substituent and aromaticity effects Jun Zhu03 years 1 month ago
PaperFacile η5–η1 Ring Slippage of the Cycloolefin Ligands in Osmocene and Bis(η5-indenyl)ruthenium(II) Jun Zhu03 years 2 months ago
PaperReaction Mechanisms on Unusual 1,2‐Migrations of N‐Heterocyclic Carbene‐Ligated Transition Metal Complexes Jun Zhu03 years 2 months ago
PaperRhodapentalenes: Pincer Complexes with Internal Aromaticity Jun Zhu03 years 2 months ago
PaperAn Unprecedented Ga/P Frustrated Lewis Pair: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity Jun Zhu03 years 2 months ago
PaperCu-Catalyzed Aromatic Metamorphosis of 3-Aminoindazoles Jun Zhu03 years 2 months ago
PaperBowl Inversion in an Exo‐type Supramolecule in the Solid State Jun Zhu03 years 3 months ago
PaperProbing Reaction Mechanism of [1,5]‐Migration in Pyrrolium and Pyrrole Derivatives: Activation of a Stronger Bond in Electropositive Groups Becomes Easier Jun Zhu03 years 4 months ago
Paper3‐Aminoindole Synthesis from 2‐Nitrochalcones and Ammonia or Primary Amines Jun Zhu03 years 5 months ago
PaperAromaticity‐promoted C−F Bond Activation in Rhodium Complex: A Facile Tautomerization Jun Zhu03 years 6 months ago
PaperMain group metal–ligand cooperation of N-heterocyclic germylene: an efficient catalyst for hydroboration of carbonyl compounds Jun Zhu03 years 8 months ago
PaperBonded to Carbon or Nitrogen? This is a Question on the Regioselectivity in Hyperconjugative Aromaticity Jun Zhu03 years 8 months ago
PaperRational Design of a Carbon–Boron Frustrated Lewis Pair for Metal‐free Dinitrogen Activation Jun Zhu03 years 9 months ago
PaperProbing Hyperconjugative Aromaticity of Monosubstituted Cyclopentadienes Jun Zhu03 years 10 months ago
Paperσ‐Aromaticity in a Fully Unsaturated Ring Jun Zhu03 years 12 months ago
Forum topicYuanyuan Li_BN doped phenanthrene Yuanyuan Li34 years 3 days ago